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Directions travelling south from Quesnel:

* Yorston Road is located 32km from the traffic lights at Maple Drive

* Yorston Road is 12.5 km from the Alamo in Kersley

* The highway will be flat as you pass Holley, Shanley, and Perth Roads.  Once the highway begins to descend you are likely to see our corn maze sign on the right bank during the summer months.  Yorston Road is on the right side, approximately 300m beyond this sign. SLOW DOWN!

* If the highway begins to ascend you have just missed the turnoff!  Don't worry there is a Rest Area about 1 km south of Yorston Road which will allow you to safely turn around.



Directions travelling north from Williams Lake:

* According to Google Maps Australian, BC is 85km from Williams Lake.

* Ensure your fuel tank is full because there are no fuel stations along this section of highway.

* Enjoy the beautiful drive.  If you are hungry we recommend that you stop at Fort Alexandria for lunch.

* If you are looking for amazing jade jewellery and a coffee we would recommend that you stop at Jade Town.

* Once you reach the new four lane section of highway you are very close to Cariboo Place Campground and Australian Rest Area.  This is a perfect place to ensure you have no traffic behind you as you will soon need to make a left hand turn onto Yorston Road.

* Once you pass Australian Road you will be able to see Yorston Road ahead (~250m).

* Please be very careful making this left hand turn.  If you see traffic approaching behind you we would recommend that you drive past Yorston Road and turn around at Perth Road at the top of the hill in order to make a safe right hand turn.