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August 1, 2023


The trails are narrow, so the corn leaves may brush you as you walk through.  Wear glasses and long sleeves if this will cause irritation.  It is a cool experience to be amongst the tall and lush stalks though.  The trails are soft and there is weed stubble.  Wear sturdy footwear.


August 28, 2022


The trails are hard packed, but uneven.  Wear sturdy footwear.  The cows walked on the paths when the field was wet so there are some divots.  All trails were trimmed with a weed eater today so this is the perfect time to visit.


August 16, 2019


The trails are somewhat narrow and the leaves of the corn could touch your arms and face at times.  Long sleeves and glasses make it more enjoyable when the corn is at this stage.  The paths are hard packed but all the rain this summer has made the weeds grow so fast.  The main trails are open but the less used trails definitely need a trim.  


October 9, 2018

The trails are very wide this time of year.  Lots of corn was knocked down during our Haunted Corn Maze events, but the official trails are still obvious.  The rain has made the maze really muddy and slippery.  Definitely bring gum boots!


September 8, 2018


Trails are hard packed.  Wear sturdy footwear.  Trails are still narrow so the corn will sometimes brush your arms and cheeks.  Even a small amount of rain can make the trails very slippery.  


October 7, 2017

Trails are mucky and slippery today.  Wear gum boots or footwear with good traction.  


September 30, 2017


Trails are a slippery after a rain.  Wear gums boots or footwear with good traction.  The maze can be a really fun place on a damp day.  Yeehaw!   


September 13, 2017

The trails are hard packed but remain rough and a little narrow.  After a rain event the trails can become slippery, but still hard packed.


August 30, 2017


The trails are quite narrow this time of year.  Strollers will not fit, sorry.  The trails are hard packed, but a little uneven so sturdy footwear is recommended.  The maze can be a hot and humid place during the summer so visiting in the morning or evening is usually more enjoyable. 

October 10, 2016

Whoa!  The trails are muddy after the rain on the weekend!  Definitely bring your gum boots.  If we don't get rain over the next few days the trails will become compact again.  Expect to encounter many new trails made by our visitors during the Haunted Corn Maze Events.  The bottom half of the maze is still relatively intact though.  


October 3, 2016,


There has been some damage to the trails since the haunted corn maze events.  There are some corn stalks and corn cobs on the trails.  Baby strollers of any kind will have a very tough time navigating this trails.  The trails are also slippery from recent rain.



August 16, 2016,

The paths are still narrow.  All weeds on the paths were trimmed two weeks ago. The trails are firm but uneven.  Please bring sturdy footwear.


July 19, 2016,


The paths are really narrow.  The corn stalks are extremely leafy at this stage so they are growing into the paths.  Long sleeves, glasses and sturdy footwear are definitely recommended!  It can be very hot and humid inside the corn field so we suggest coming in the morning or evening.  Actually this is a really fun activity on a rainy summer day.  Bring your gum boots and a rain jacket.  


October 9, 2015,


The trails are starting to widen.  The ground is hard packed.  After a rain it can become a little slippery.  Always bring sturdy footwear.  There is a large flock of red-winged blackbirds which has been hanging out in the corn field.


August 1, 2015,


The trails are still very narrow.  The weeds along the trails were trimmed.  The weed growth has been unbelievable this season!  The map was posted at the entrance and the trivia questions were posted on eight posts within the maze.


July 10, 2015,


The trails are very narrow.  Corn leaves will be brushing your arms and sometimes your face.  Eyewear and possibly a long sleeved shirt maybe considered.  The ground is loose and uneven.  Sturdy footwear is recommended.  The corn field is very hot and humid during the day--visiting in the morning and the evening is more comfortable.  The Corn Maze map and trivia questions have not yet been posted, but will appear over the next couple of weeks.


September 21, 2014,


Trails are wider since the corn leaves were touched by frost.  They are also hard packed and slippery when wet.


September 10, 2014,


Trails are packed, but are narrow and uneven.  Try to wear long sleeves and sunglasses to protect from the corn leaves.


October 10, 2013


With the recent rainfall the trails are muddy and slippery.  Gumboots with good tread would be ideal footwear.  Hiking boots and winterboots are also good options.  Definitely don't wear your nice white running shoes or your favourite flats. 

Last week we had 20 belted galloway cows escape the nearby pasture and helped redesign the section of the maze near the entrance.  Watch out for the special pies the cows have left behind.


August 24, 2013


The corn is fully grown now and the trails are well established.  This year's maze is configured a little differently.  There are many more dead ends and fewer loops.  You enter and exit from the same spot, so backtracking in the maze is necessary.  There are eight red doors containing trivia questions in the maze, good luck.

The trails are hard packed and maybe a little slippery after a rain.  Corn leaves along the trails can brush your arms and face.  Long sleeves and glasses are a good idea.  As the season progresses, these trails become wider.


July 1, 2013


The corn maze trails have been established in the corn field.  Generally, the corn should be knee high by the first of July.  This season the corn plants are growing really well and are already up to the mid thigh.  We expect that we will be able to open the maze by the third week in July.


October 17, 2012


The trails have become quite wide since our last haunted corn maze event.  A couple of cows have also found the corn field and they have blazed a few new trails.  We have worked hard to remove the corn stalks on the paths, but some still remain.  Children that are new to walking may have a few problems with the corn leaves and stalks on the trails.  The trails remain hard packed and the flock of blackbirds still reside in the field.  


October 9, 2012


The recent haunted corn maze events have caused some damage to the corn along the trails.  We have removed the stalks laying across the trails so you can still use large wheeled strollers inside the maze.  Visitors have created a new trail in the maze.  We have placed flagging tape across this new trail to help direct you along the original trail system.

A whole community of blackbirds have moved into the corn maze.  The birds will flush out of the corn field as you walk along the trails.  This is a really cool experience, unless you have a bird phobia!


September 10, 2012


The corn has grown really well this season.  Some of the stalks exceed 12 feet, so you certainly will not be able to navigate by looking over the corn!  Trails are hard packed, but still will be somewhat challenging (but not impossible) with strollers.  The trails are narrow, and the corn leaves tend to grow toward the center of the trails.  These corn leaves will touch arms and sometimes the faces of our adult visitors.  Wear long sleeves and sunglasses if you want added protection from the corn.  

The corn maze can be fun even on a rainy day--just bring your "play shoes".  The wet trails will remain hard packed but they do tend to get slippery.


August 2, 2012


Trails are a little soft so strollers or bikes will be challenging.  Bring a water bottle because it can be very hot in humid amongst the corn stalks.  If you don't like the heat come early or late in the day.


June 29, 2012

The corn is only knee high, so the maze is not ready for our annual adventurers. Check back at the end of July for an update.



October 1, 2011


The trails are firm but can be slippery after a rain.  There are corn stalks lying on some of the paths so please wear sturdy footwear.  There are also a few weeds, so don't wear your brand new white sneakers!  It currently maybe difficult to navigate strollers along the trails.  Overall the trails are in good condition.