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$2.00 (Regular admission to the corn maze from dawn until dusk.  Place

           your coins or rolled up bills in the coin drop at the entrance to the

           maze.  Please bring correct change.)


This rate applies to everyone--kids under 2 years get in free!  We believe that our admission prices are more than reasonable, for that reason we do not offer group/family rates. 



Special Events:

$7.00 (Nightime Haunted Corn Maze Events in October)


$5.00 (Daytime Haunted Corn Maze Events in October)


$3.00 (We take bookings for groups (20+ people) during September and

          October, except during the Haunted Corn Maze Events.  You may

          arrange to have bon fires (depending on the status of fire bans), weiner roasting sticks and access to the corn maze.


 **Please bring the correct change to help us all!