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Cariboo's Corn Maze

Cariboo's Corn Maze Sign


The 2018 Cariboo Corn Maze opens July 25!  



$2.00 (Regular admission to the corn maze from dawn until dusk, seven days a week.  Place

           your coins or rolled up bills in the coin drop at the entrance to the

           maze.  Please bring correct change because we are often not around to make change for you!)


This rate applies to everyone--kids under 2 years get in free!  We believe that our admission prices are more than reasonable, for that reason we do not offer group/family rates. 


What is available this time of year at the farm:

- Flush toilets

Kids like the corn maze but they really enjoy the sand pile with toys! (We gladly accept surplus toys on the sandpile!)

- You likely will be able to spot chickens and guinea fowl running around the farmyard. 

- You may see one very gentle turkey hen

- There are two pigs that loved to be scratched

- There are two donkeys that love to be petted (Tessie and Tara) 

- The mini ponies (Timbit and Levi) love food more than attention but they will likely come visit you

- You are welcome to have an apple if they are ready

- An experimental sunflower patch with a few really short trails for those new walkers in the family


Our haunted events are held on the weekend prior to Thanksgiving and the Thanksgiving weekend.  Thanks to all our enthusiastic visitors last season!  We hope to see you again this year.


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**Please Note that Google Maps and your GPS system will lead you to the Yorston Gravel Pit instead of Yorston Road, but you can still access Yorston Road from the gravel pit if you have an off road vehicle.  If you are on Hwy 97, Yorston Road is located about 500m south of the Yorston Gravel Pit road.